Grease Types

Insert bearings from TRITAN OEM are supplied 35-40% filled with lithium based NLGI #2 grease suitable for a wide variety of applications, speeds and temperatures. Most are pre-lubricated with Mobile Polyrex EM or Chevron SRI-2, which provide excellent lubrication up to 350° F. Special greases and fill percentages are available to meet your application demands.

To maximize bearing life, be sure you relubricate units with compatible grease at intervals recommended for your application. Apply lubricant through the unit’s grease fitting.

Standard and special greases include:

Grease Name Dropping Point Penetration 60X Thickener Temperature Range (F) Features
Mobil Polyrex EM550284Polyurea-40 to 350Electric motor grease; high temperature; low noise
Chevron SRI-2470280Polyurea-20 to 350High temperature; excellent rust protection
Shell Alvania RL2385284Lithium-30 to 275Electric motor and general purpose use; low noise; replaces Alvania 2/3
Nevastane HT/AW2200280Aluminum-20 to 350H1-food grade complex grease; water-resistant; corrosion protection
Lithium Based #2385275Lithium-4 to 250General purpose; low noise
Dow Corning 44432300Lithium-40 to 400High temperature Molycote