TRITAN OEM deep groove radial ball bearings are lubricated with standard greases suitable for a wide variety of applications, speeds and temperatures. Most are pre-lubicated with Mobile Polyrex EM or Chevron SRI-2, which provide excellent lubrication up to 350° F. Bearings can also be supplied with specialty greases and fill percentages to meet your application demands.

Sealed and shielded bearings are lubricated for life. Pre-lubricated and open bearings are coated with rust-prohibitive light oil bearing slush. Bearings should be used immediately upon removal from protective packaging and handled carefully to prevent contamination prior to installation.

Standard and specialty greases include:

Grease Name Dropping Point Penetration 60X Thickener Temperature Range (F) Features
Mobil Polyrex EM 550 284 Polyurea -40 to 350 Electric motor grease; high temperature; low noise
Chevron SRI-2 470 280 Polyurea -20 to 350 High temperature; excellent rust protection
Shell Alvania RL2 385 284 Lithium -30 to 275 Electric motor and general purpose use; low noise; replaces Alvania 2/3
Nevastane HT/AW2 200 280 Aluminum -20 to 350 H1-food grade complex grease; water-resistant; corrosion protection
Lithium Based #2 385 275 Lithium -4 to 250 General purpose; low noise
Dow Corning 44 Molycote 432 300 Lithium -40 to 400 High temperature